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November 20, 2008


Is it pure consumerism of what? Ten days ago, this site has been expanded with the blog to make the endeavor more interactive and, thus, exciting but, regular posts notwithstanding, nobody still joined in the fun. Which agains makes the point of the site rather moot. A pity.


...or, we stick to Latin, ars longa, vita brevis. That's why the version of YES that's currently on tour isn't billed as YES but as IN THE PRESENT, out of respect for the still-not-well singer Jon Anderson as the band's leader Chris Squire said. Nobody's fooled, though, and some are even glad because this line-up performs some songs from the only Jon-less YES outing, 1980's "Drama". A slight respect shown, Squire didn't refrain in the interview on his site from mentioning the possibility of a new album with the band's new singer, Benoit David.


There's so many people who'd like RAINBOW to be resurrected in some form or the other, and their pleas have been heed. OVER THE RAINBOW, embarking on Russian tour in 2009, is the closest thing to RAINBOW as it gets. The band is comprised of four former members: Joe Lynn Turner on vocals, his early '80s cohort Bobby Rondinelli on drums, keyboardist Tony Carey from the classic mid-'70s line-up and bassist Greg Smith who left Joe's own group in the '90s to join new RAINBOW and then make, together with Bobby, the BLUE OYSTER CULT rhythm section. Who's the guitar valet to the veterans? Blackmore! Jurgen, or J.R. Blackmore, the RAINBOW leader's son. Take it to the blog.


Some artists are ageless, just ask Chris Farlowe who's getting stronger by the year when many of his '60s contemporaries have been written off long time ago. But not this bear-like singer who's just released a new album, "Hotel Eingang", comprised of baker's dozen blueswailing tracks and featuring the great Miller Anderson and his band. More so, there's a fantastic version of Miller's own gem, "Fog On The Highway". Another must-have record.

1. Jealous Man
2. Donít Wanna Love You Anymore
3. It Shouldíve Been Me
4. So Hard To Get Along With
5. Iíve Got Your Love
6. The Woman? Or The Blues
7. 9lbs Of Steel
8. Babyís Arms
9. I Only Have Love For You
10. Fog On The Highway
11. Iíd Rather Be Lying With You
12. Thatís Why Lovers Have The Blues
13. Hotel Eingang


This year Paul McCartney's activity gets over the top. Hopping tour, peddling a new FIREMAN album, the first one featuring Macca's vocals and the first one officially not disowned, what's more? Releasing "Carnival Of Light", THE BEATLES' infamous 1967's avant-garde wigout. What's the point? To be the ultimate Fab, it seems. Take it to the blog.


On November 12th the world lost one of the greatest but least hyped drummer, Mitch Mitchell. Now, the entire line-up of THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE can have their gig in the sky; what remains here, though, are the memories of a fusion pioneer. Mitch's style delighted such different artists as Roger Chapman and John Lennon - it was Mitchell backing the Beatle, Keith Richards and Eric Clapton, THE DIRTY MAC, at THE ROLLING STONES' "Rock 'n' Roll Circus", in 1968 - but not Paul McCartney who turned the sticksman down when Mitch auditioned for WINGS in the '70s. Still, it's the drummer's work with Jimi that rings - and will be ringing down the years - in everyone's ear.


After some rumors-filled years THE FACES' reunion becomes reality. Think of it as either a nod, a wink, or a blind horse's mouth, yet it was none other than Rod Stewart who confirmed that he, Ronnie Wood, Ian MacLagan and Kenney Jones, plus Stewart's touring bassist. It must be noted that dropping the late great Ronnie Lane's name in this context is inappropriate as at the moment of breaking up the band's four-stringer was Tetsu Yamauchi, and it's anyone's guess why nobody cared to track him down - and out on stage.

November 5, 2008


Over the past few years, we've lost many of those whose music keeps on giving us pleasure, but sometimes we can reciprocate and thank them - and help them. Here's the letter from our friend Leonardo Pavkovic, the head of MoonJune Records:

Dear MoonJune friends

The legendary SOFT MACHINE and SOFT MACHINE LEGACYís bass player Hugh Hopper had recently health problems and complications that didnít allow him to do gigs. Hugh was suffering from back pain for few years and suddenly it got worse. Hugh was having blood tests, and in hospital doctors have discovered beginning of leukaemia. Hugh started to have an ongoing and painful chemotherapy treatment which was going relatively well but Hugh also suffered from some minor infections after the course finished. Hugh is doing better now, but still in hospital and only occasionally was able to go home. In any case Hugh Hopper has a very positive outlook on life and accepts life in a positive way and we all "hopperfully" hope, this hassle will end as soon as possible. Sadly, with the lack of revenue resulting from his inability to perform, Hugh and his family are currently in a less than comfortable financial situation - this is the reason for doing the benefit concert at the Londonís "100 Club" on December 14th. The entire profit will go to Hugh Hopper.

The performers are:
SOFT MACHINE LEGACY (with Fred Baker on bass)
Phil Miller's IN CAHOOTS
BASH QUARTET feat. Alex Maguire, Patrice Meyer, Fred Baker & Liam Genockey
Sophia Domanchic & Simon Goubert
Yumi Hara-Cawkwell
And here's where the tickets are.

While thinking of similar benefit concerts in New York, Paris and elsewhere, there are few ways that you also can contribute to this great cause and help Hugh Hopper in this difficult times.

You can make personal donation of any sum that you feel comfortable. If you are located in USA/Canada and outside of the UK and European Community, you can send International Money Order casheable in Euros if made payable to Christine Janet. If sending from the European Community, then checks in Euros also to be payable to Hugh Hopperís wife Christine Janet, and if sending from the UK, checks to be payable in UK pounds to Hugh Hopper and mailed to:
Hugh Hopper/Christine Janet
29 Castle Road, Whitstable, Kent CT5 2DZ
England, United Kingdom

In addition, MoonJune Records / MoonJune Global Media is offering all Hugh Hopper related cds for purchase.

* 100% of the profit go to Hugh Hopper:
Hugh Hopper "Numero DíVol"
HUMI "Dune"

* 50% of the profit go to Hugh Hopper:
SOFT MACHINE LEGACY "Soft Machine Legacy"

* 30% of the profit go to Hugh Hopper:
Chris Stassinopulous "Light In The Dark"
featuring Hugh Hopper, David Cross, Alex Foster, Barry Finnerty, Joe Berger and more

* 30% of the profit of the rest of MoonJune Records will go to Hugh Hopper, too.

You can also contribute any additional donation payable via PayPal in US currency to MoonJune Global Media - noanoamusic@moonjune.com or directly to Hugh's wife, Christine Janet Hopper, at sibemol.b@btinternet.com. If you do not have PayPal, you can simply tell how much is a desired amount to contribute and MoonJune Global Media can send you a money request that you can pay with your credit card. In addition, You can also send personal or company check, made payable to MoonJune Global Media and mail to:
Leonardo Pavkovic
MoonJune Global Media
32 Union Square East #206
New York, NY 10003 USA

I also have two Fender Jazz bass guitars belonging to Hugh Hopper sitting in my office in New York, which he uses when playing in the USA, and me and Hugh might decide to put one of them on the auction sale. The other one I must keep it here, since I have promised Hugh, that as soon as he gets better, he will be invited by myself to come to New York and play few local gigs in the area.

For more updates, check Hughís website. Everyone who contributes in any form and with any sum, will be mentioned on Hugh Hopperís webpage.

Hope to hear from you.
All the best

Time to act, then!


After many years in waiting for many fans, this month will see the release of the first-ever DVD capturing the magic of RENAISSANCE. Featuring the classic line-up of Michael Dunford on guitar, Annie Haslam on vocals, John Tout on keyboards, Terry Sullivan on drums and Jon Camp on bass and running for 120 minutes, "Song Of Scheherezade - Renaissance Live" consists of performances from two New Jersey concerts - in Passiac's Capitol Theatre on 21.5.1976 during the "Scheherezade" tour and Asbury Park's Convention Hall on 28.7.1979 when the band were promoting the "Azure d'Or" album. A pity, while the first part mostly represents the British quintet's set list of the time - though, in strange order, placing "Prologue" not in the beginning - the second doesn't. But who complains after all these years?

Capitol Theatre:
Running Hard
Ocean Gypsy
Carpet Of The Sun
Mother Russia
Song Of Scheherezade Medley:
- Sultan
- The Young Prince And The Young Princess
- The Festival

Convention Hall:
The Vultures Fly High
Jekyll And Hyde
Northern Lights
Forever Changing
Secret Mission
A Song For All Seasons
Flood At Lyons


This needs no comments but must be seen to be believed! Here's the official line: "AC/DC smashes through your firewall with real rock 'n' roll! Download the spreadsheet to watch the "Rock 'N' Roll Train" video in all itís Low Definition glory!" So go here to grab it. That's not your regular Hi-Fi but one fine example of the band's infamous sense of humor.


While for most of their contemporaries the word "progressive" refers to the genre, PROCOL HARUM take it seriously and took it into their stride with the band's first-ever download-only album "One Eye To The Future". Recorded in Italy in 2007 at the end of the veterans' 40th anniversary tour, it's the first concert document of the ensemble's current line-up of Gary Brooker on keyboards and vocals, Geoff Whitehorn on guitar, Matt Pegg on bass, Geoff Dunn on drums and Josh Phillips on organ. The songs on offer represent nine out of HARUM's eleven studio albums, plus two unique tracks: the title one, unrecorded yet, and Big Maceo's "Worried Life Blues" which takes the band back to their rhythm-and-blues roots.

1. Bringing Home The Bacon
2. Shine On Brightly
3. The VIP Room
4. Pandora's Box
5. Learn To Fly
6. (You Can't) Turn Back The Page
7. Homburg Brooker
8. Simple Sister
9. A Rum Tale

10. Grand Hotel
11. One Eye On The Future
12. Worried Life Blues
13. Conquistador
14. An Old English Dream
15. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
16. Whisky Train
17. A Salty Dog

The album's available for download here.

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