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February 26, 2001


The rehearsals start mid-March so the band want to know the results on March 1. Go vote at www.hensleylawton.com.


Ex-DREAM THEATER keyboard master Derek Sherinian has completed recording of new his new solo CD to be titled "Inertia". In addition to the usual keyboard virtuosity the album has Zakk Wylde on two tracks including a cover of THE EDGAR WINTER GROUP's classic "Frankenstein", Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips, omnipresent Tony Franklin and Jerry Goodman.

The music of "Inertia" combine metal, jazz-fusion, and progressive rock elements to satisfy almost everyone. The album is to be released by InsideOut Music America on April 17.


Unicorn Records announce the upcoming release of Montreal progressive rock group HAMADRYAD. The third group to be signed to Unicorn will release their debut CD "Conservation of Mass" on March 15, 2001. The album features 58 minutes of pure progressive rock, Hard driven guitars, syncopated drum beats, mellotron textures, B3 organ and angelic vocals. This new progressive rock CD will take the listeners on a mystical venture.

The reviews on Unicorn releases check soon here.


All the rumours of Rick Wakeman joining YES for umpteenth time notwithstanding, the keyboard wizard has released the official statement in which denied the possibility of going back due to his schedule - although there's a slight chance of his involvement in the recording.

Wakeman embarks on his final tour of the UK from March 10th until April 8th and this will herald the end of an era that has seen him perform over 500 shows in the UK over the last 10 years alone, as another official statement from Rick suggests. The tour will see him perform with operatic tenor Ramon Remedios, who worked with Wakeman on some albums beginning with 1988's "A Suite Of Gods". Remedios rises to the occasion with some classic arrangements of several Rick's compositions as well as those by other well known contemporary composers. There will also be the last chance to hear the legendary "Barber of Wigan", a two man operetta.


Despite the previous report of Glenn Hughes starting this month work on a joint album with Joe Lynn Turner, the artist entered the studio last week to record the next album of his own. Glenn is accompanied by his old friends Joakim Marsh on guitar and Gary Ferguson playing the drums. The power trio album is promised to be in the classic rock vein following the last year's "Return Of Crystal Carma".


All the fans of Ricky Gardiner are welcomed to download in full his and Virginia Scott's masterpiece "Auschwitz". Read the review and go get it.

February 22, 2001


So many buzz from the high flying birds which THE EAGLES are. As it was reported before, Don Henley and Glenn Frey recently fired their long-served axeman Don Felder who's now seeking revenge in trying to dissolve Eagles Ltd., the partnership of Henley, Frey, Felder, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner. Seems, guitarists Joe Walsh and Timothy Schmit never were partners in the band's financial affairs. Leadon and Meisner, according to Felder, are no longer active shareholders as well.

Anyway, once Don Felder's out the band set to working on their new album, the first since 1979's "The Long Run". Abilities were proved good some years ago when THE EAGLES came up with some new songs for the "Hell Freezes Over" album. The new one is to be out this Autumn with the European tour considered.

February 21, 2001


Remember the FLEETWOOD MAC tribute in a form of their classic album "Rumours" re-recorded? Now there's a new one coming in, a tribute to Ian Dury. It will be a new version of hos "New Boots And Panties" album that's set for release by East Central One on April 9.

The CD titled "Brand New Boots And Panties" features Dury’s band THE BLOCKHEADS plus some stars' contributions including one Paul McCartney. The artwork is by Peter Blake, who was responsible for original cover (not only for "Sgt. Pepper", eh).

The full tracklisting is as follows:

Wake Up ∓ Make Love With Me – Sinead O’Connor & THE BLOCKHEADS
Sweet Gene Vincent – Robbie Williams & THE BLOCKHEADS
I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra – Paul McCartney & THE BLOCKHEADS
My Old Man – MADNESS
Billericay Dickie – Billy Bragg & THE BLOKES
Clevor Trever – Wreckless Eric & THE BLOCKHEADS
If I Was With A Woman – Cerys Matthews & THE BLOCKHEADS
Blockheads – Grant Nicholas ∓ THE BLOCKHEADS
Plaistow Patricia – Shane McGowan & THE BLOCKHEADS
Blackmail Man – Keith Allen & THE BLOCKHEADS

February 19, 2001


While there's a delay with the release of Rory Gallagher's acoustic album "Wheels On Fire", another project, "Irish Tour '74" DVD, is on the way. The film that Rory fans have long been asking captures Rory the man, his music and the magical connection with his live audience to perfection. Directed by Tony Palmer, this film has only ever previously been seen during it's original theatrical release back in 1974 and is to be out now in its entirity, including the following live tracks: "Walk On Hot Coals", "Tatoo'd Lady", "Who's That Coming", "A Million Miles Away", "Going To My Home Town", "Cradle Rock", "As The Crow Flies", "Hands Off", "Bullfrog Blues" and featuring a full 80 minute commentary by Rory's brother Donal and bassist Gerry McAvoy, a comprehensive discography - 16 albums with a track from each, never before seen footage of Rory in Japan. The DVD is in Dolby digital stereo and surround sound options.


Here's the news from the Paul McCartney press office:

The TV story of the band and a double CD of WINGS hits will be released worldwide in May. "The Beatles Anthology"-style project, which has been three years in the making, will be launched under the banner "Wingspan". The two-hour film will reveal the inside story of WINGS for the first time on television.

Led by extensive and candid interviews with Paul McCartney, "Wingspan" reveals how, whilst trying to raise a young family and follow THE BEATLES, Paul and Linda formed a back-to-basics band that rose to become one of the biggest rock groups of the Seventies. Featuring never-before-seen home movie footage of Paul and Linda and their family, together with previously-private band archive and rare concert film, "Wingspan" will tell how Paul McCartney, devastated by the break-up of THE BEATLES, restarted his career from scratch - with him, Linda, their children, pet dogs and the band all driving around Britain in a van asking for work. Instead of arriving at stadium concerts in police-escorted limousines, WINGS drove themselves to small halls unannounced and uninvited, and were paid for their impromptu shows in 50p pieces. Besides following Paul and Linda's private family life from 1970-1980, "Wingspan" reveals how - despite the headaches and handicaps of Beatles law suits, police pot busts and BBC airplay band - WINGS soared to success with hit singles, No.1 albums and eventually even a bigger stadium show than that of THE BEATLES.

"Wingspan" will be premiered primetime on American TV in early May and then broadcast around the world. Alongside the TV film, EMI/Capitol Records will release a double CD featuring 40 WINGS songs, which will be supported by the re-issue of videos and promo films and a worldwide media, Internet and advertising campaign. Said Paul McCartney: "I always thought that you couldn't follow THE BEATLES; "Wingspan" is the story and the soundtrack of how we set out to do it".


Voiceprint Records eventually decided on release of the album by John Wetton and Geoff Downes that was promised to be out about two years ago. It's a collection of demos and un-released tracks from the days when Downes and Wetton were the writing team of ASIA. One of the track, namely "Kari-Anne", was released previously as a bonus track with ASIA's "Live In Moscow" CD and another one, "Chistina", made its debut in live version on Wetton's "Akustika" album.

So, the tracklist for the new release is as such:

1. Walking on Air
2. I Would Die for You
3. Only You
4. Running Out Of Time
5. Soul
6. Just As Long (As I Need You)
7. Don't Say It Again

8. Oh! Carolann
9. Kari-Anne
10. Lost in America
11. Please
12. Summer (incl. Rock and Roll Dream Intro)
13. We Move As One
14. Christina

February 15, 2001


Longtime THE EAGLES guitarist Don Felder has sued the band's founding members, Don Henley and Glenn Frey, claiming he was wrongly fired. The suit, filed February 8 in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims that Henley and Frey abused their authority and acted unfairly on February 6 when they terminated Felder, who joined the band in 1974.

The suit seeks an accounting of all business transactions made by Eagles Ltd. since Felder joined the band, including record royalties and revenue from touring and merchandise. The suit also seeks to liquidate the company, which is the band's business arm.

"Despite each being a one-third owner of Eagles Ltd., Henley and Frey have consistently treated Felder as a subordinate, with complete disregard for his rights," the lawsuit states.

Lawyers representing Felder did not immediately return calls over the weekend seeking comment. Daniel Petrocelli, who represents Henley and Frey, said his clients had a right to terminate Felder. However, the attorney declined to say why Felder was fired. "The band is going forward," Petrocelli said Saturday. "This was done in the best interest of the band".


Peter Frampton nabbed two nominations at the 2001 Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards, which were announced on February 7. Frampton's up for Best Rock Guitarist - Male and Best Guitar Performance for "Off the Hook" from 2000's "Live in Detroit", a category which pits Frampton against Joe Satriani for "Until We Say Goodbye," METALLICA's Kirk Hammett for "One," and Brian Setzer for BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA's "Caravan".

Additional males in the Best Rock Guitarist category includes The Edge, Richie Sambora, John Frusciante, Walter Becker, and Dave Grohl. On the female side, the nominees are Sheryl Crow, Patti Smith, and Melissa Etheridge.


Paul McCartney is heading for the studio to record his first full album of new material since 1997. Macca is soon to check into the A&M studios in Hollywood for a brisk series of sessions, lasting between two and three weeks.

What's more interestimg is that long-awaited WINGS anthology, "Wingspan", is slated to appear in May this year. It's thought that the album will be a double-CD set and is likely to feature outtakes and rare recordings from the 70s supergroup’s archive. A documentary, made by McCartney’s daughter Mary and her husband Alistair Donald, will be released at the same time.

February 13, 2001


On February 1 Peter Green had recorded lead vocals and contributed harp and guitar fills to the "Cruel Contradictions" track of the upcoming CD from glorious brass-handler Dick Heckstall-Smith. Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Paul Jones, and Mick Taylor will also be guests on this album.


Celebrating the recent 30th Anniversary release of "All Things Must Pass" album, George Harrison will embark on his first experience with online chats by participating in two 30-minute chats on Thursday, February 15th, 2001. The first one will begin at 8:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM Pacific on Yahoo!Chat, located at chat.yahoo.com, and the second at 9:00 PM Eastern/6:00 PM Pacific on MSN Live, located at www.msn.com. For a direct link to the chat log onto allthingsmustpass.com.

George took special interest in his website. Designed by @radicalmedia.com, the designers worked closely with the Harrison family to build this rich media showcase of Harrison's experiences, humor, and unique sense of imagination. Users are invited to explore Harrison's world via quirky animations and rich media showcases. The artwork features the elements from both the original 1971 cover as well as the 2001 version. Fans will recognize Harrison's garden gnomes, who playfully roam through each of the sections on the site, including: "George Harrison", where one can learn more about the musician; "All Things Must Pass", where one can browse through album-related documents and view online videos for the songs "Let It Down" and "What Is Life?"; "The Daily Bread", where one can view unique items from Harrison's personal archive; "Cyril's Rare Guitar Shop", a look at Harrison's guitar collection; and "Fun Stuff", where one can find various digital souvenirs.

"Websites for me are still new territory," said George Harrison. "I still don't really know what they are supposed to do. But it was fun thinking of ideas and seeing them put together on the screen. I hope people enjoy it".


On the eve of DEEP PURPLE upcoming Australian tour, legendary drummer Ian Paice and guitarist Steve Morse announce their music "master class" workshops in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Two of the world's finest and most respected musicians will be showing their wares, techniques, skills as well as question and answer sessions. Each workshops runs for 90 minutes and there will be time for photo and autograph hunters. Both musicians have enjoyed careers spanning 25 years and for any drummer, guitarist or musician general, there is much to learn from this experience.

February 12, 2001


Steve Howe's next solo work - an acoustic recording - is currently being mixed and is scheduled for an April release on Eagle Rock. The title and tracklist are still to appear but it is confirmed that Steve has recorded three YES tracks acoustically for the CD, one of them being "To Be Over".

Moreover, it is reported that Rhino got in touch with Howe regarding his "Anthology" 3CD release.


Talented American guitar player Iain Ashley Hersey releases his debut album "Fallen Angel" through the Frontiers Records. Hersey, who had his degree at the famed Boston's Berklee College of Music and later on became a teacher at GIT in LA, already played on the last album of Paul Shortino "Stand Or Fall" and co-wrote and performed on Stuart Smith debut album "Heaven & Earth".

Guests on the album include Paul Shortino himself on lead vocals and Pat Regan on keyboards.


Ronnie James Dio while preparing for American leg of "Magica" tour has delayed his new all stars project "Hear'N'Aid II".

Before the tour will take up in the USA, Ronnie puts all his forces into writing a new DIO album, tentatively scheduled for October 2001 release. The album, still untitled, should be heavy and won't bear the concept line as "Magica". The recording is to start after the tour is done. Still the singer hopes to to stage "Magica" in some capacity as a theatrical production.


On May 7 Record Heaven put out SOUTHERN ROCK ALLSTARS new album "Crazy Again". The band are Jakson Spires of BLACKFOOT, Jay Johnson of ROSSINGTON BAND, Dave Hlubek from MOLLY HATCHET and Charles Hart who used to play with RADIO TOKYO.

As press release says, "These prime movers and shakers are back on the road brewing their own hard hitting, guitar-seasoned brand of rock and blues. They storm the stage with lightning licks on guitar, thundering drums and booming bass. With a Southern Rock style uniquely their own, they have electrified jam-packed audiences across the country".

The CD include two covers, THIN LIZZY's "Don't Believe A Word" and FREE's "Wishing Well".


KANSAS camp reports that Sony Legacy announced the remastering and re-release of "Masque", "Leftoverture" and "Point Of Know Return" classic albums. The re-packaging will include an expanded CD booklet, increased liner notes, and alternate photographs from that time period.

Phil Ehart comments, "KANSAS has been well aware of the fans clamoring for the re-release and remastering of "Masque". This CD has been out of print for quite some time now. When Sony approached us for the re-mastering of "Leftoverture" and "Point Of Know Return", we insisted that "Masque" be part of the deal. We look forward to going back into these albums with the chance to revisit that era."

Release dates for both "Masque" and "Leftoverture" is tentatively set for Spring/Summer of 2001 in commemoration of the latter album's 25th anniversary. The third one of a batch will be out in 2002 to coincide with its 25th anniversary.

February 8, 2001


The motion to erect a statue for Philip Parris Lynott in Dublin was passed unanimously by Dublin County Council this week. It was decided to make available a site at H.Q in Abbey Street, for the purpose of erecting a memorial to the late Philip Lynott or failing to achieve this, enter into discussions with the Roisin Dubh Trust with a view to providing an alternative suitable site. Now it's up tp us fans to give a helping hand to raise the money to have the statue made.

The donation can be sent to Roddy Cleere at the Roisin Dubh Trust or to Philomena Lynott, the late artist's mother. The addresses are:
Roddy Cleere 3 Muckross Court, Powerscourt Lawns, Waterford, Ireland
Phil Lynott Statue Fund, Roisin Dubh Trust Ltd, White Horses, Strand Road, Sutton, Dublin 13, Ireland.


Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions proudly report that DRIVE, SHE SAID - the legendary AOR duo formed by Mark Mangold (THE SIGN, TOUCH, Michael Bolton) and Al Fritsch - will be back on the scene with a brand new album to be released through the Anglo-Italian label worldwide. Recording of the album shall begin in late February and release is scheduled for late summer / early autumn 2001.

The new album is tentatively called "Real Life" and several songs have already been written by Mark and Al, who have spent a very busy month writing and recording ideas for the new album. "Our task" says Mark, "is to recreate the same enthusiastic feeling we had when we composed our first two records. We'll have great melodic songs, a couple of big ballads and also one epic track".

Also the label has signed Iain Ashley Hersey and will release on March the 19th, 2001 his debut solo album entitled "Fallen Angel".

Moreover, there's the most impressive deal was made, with ASIA to release their newest album "Aura". The guest musicians for the album are Simon Phillips, Steve Lukather, Steve Howe, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tony Levin and Pat Thrall. The album shall be available in a normal CD format and a digipack limited version with three bonus tracks unavailable elsewhere.

February 5, 2001


Yes, RING OF FIRE now is the name of the Mark Boals' band. The name comes from the album Mark had released last year. Now the singer and a keyboard player Vitalij Kuprij are at George Bellas Studio in Chicago to work on their debut album. Drummer Virgil Donati and guitar player Barry Barry Dunaway will join the two and begin recording in early March in LA. For the records, RING OF FIRE will invite Erik Norlander to participate.


Having signed up a recodring deal with Eagle Records and on the verge of releasing a live CD and a tour in the pipeline, THE HENSLEY-LAWTON BAND have launched a web site of their own at www.hensleylawton.com.

There's not a lot of information at the moment but, hopefully, the vets will give the fans enough of it to fill the pages.


ROXY MUSIC are to reform for a tour 18 years after they split up. Frontman Bryan Ferry will reunite with guitarist Phil Manzanera and saxophonist Andy Mackay to play a number of dates, although details of the tour have yet to be announced. It was rather predictable that Brian Eno, now a successful producer for groups such as U2, will not rejoin his colleagues.

The band last toured in 1983 after the release of the album Avalon, but there are no plans for a new album to be recorded.


W.A.S.P., a four-man gang, are back with a sonic Jihad called "Unholy Terror". It's Metal-Is Records that granted frontman Blackie Lawless a virtual 'license to kill'. "Unholy Terror" deals with socio, religious and political hypocrisy. This album attempts to draw attention to those hypocritical points of view," Lawless explained. "This record in no way is intended to be blasphemous or an attack on religion, but specifically man's interpretation of what they believe the Bible says."

The album should hit the marketplace on April 3rd.


Old viper of KING KOBRA is back in the action. Carmine Appice and Kelly Keeling together with bassist Johnny Rod and guitarists Dave Michael Phillips and Mick Sweda have put together some tracks for the band's new CD. Recording should start in a couple of weeks. The album, still untitled, to be out on MTM Records.

The band will re-record one of KING KOBRA's best songs, "Ready To Strike". There should be some summer festivals, too.

February 1, 2001


Some site visitors complained that newly opened George Harrison's official site got off. Well, yes - but all things must pass and it's up again in a slightly rehashed appearance. You're welcome to AllThingsMustPass.com.


Former SMALL FACES keyboard player Ian McLagan informs that after 26 years of not getting any royalties, followed by 10 years of some pennys paid, the band members signed a contract with Decca Records which forces the label to pay them at the rate Decca should have been all along.


Oliver Wakeman, adding the finishing touches to his newest project "The 3 Ages of Magick", finally handed out the news: the guitar player to guest on the album is none other than Oliver's father's old colleague Steve Howe. The two started work on the project in 1998 with Steve fulfilling the executive producer duties. Other musicians involved are: Dave Wagstaffe - drums and percussion, Tim Buchanan - bass, Tony Dixon - Uillean Pipes, whistles and flutes and Jo Greenland - violin.

Once the albim is out Wakeman Jr. with Clive Nolan will start recording "Hound Of The Baskervilles", a follow-up to their magnificient "Jabberwocky"album.


After mighty 1999's "Legends" ex-MAGNUM vocalist Bob Catley returns with his new killer work loosely based on J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy and entitled "Middle Earth" (tracklisting).

The content of the album is not meant to be a literal telling of the saga, the main writer and producer, TEN's Gary Hughes, has chosen to use various aspects of the story to inspire the lyrics, allowing the epic music to build images of Tolkien`s world.

On the album Hughes provides keyboards and backing vocals, other musicians are Vinny Burns (TEN) on guitar, Jon Cooksey (DANTE FOX) on drums and Steve McKenna (TEN) on bass.

A full European tour with TEN is being planned to support the album throughout April and May 2001, after which Bob will be involved in the 25th Anniversary reunion album/tour of MAGNUM.

January 29, 2001


The living BEATLES Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were invited to play at the Queen's Golden Jubilee next year. The series of concerts are featuring popular acts during Queen Elizabeth's fifty year reign. Events will take place on the grounds of Buckingham Palace and other Royal residencies, which will be open to the public for the first time.


A revamped and expanded DVD Audio version of the FOREIGNER 1977's self-titled debut album will be released by Rhino as part of its "Atlantic & Atco Re-Masters" series. Due out February 27, the set will also include four original demos from the personal collection of band co-founder Mick Jones.

The original 10-track "Foreigner" album has been remixed in six-channel surround sound from the original master tapes. To augment the release, demos of "Feels Like The First Time" and "Woman Oh Woman" with Jones contributing the vocals, a demo of "At War With The World" sung by the band's lead vocalist Lou Gramm, and a previously unreleased song "Take Me To Your Leader" will be added. Also included will be the original video clips for "Feels Like The First Time" and "Cold As Ice", each with remixed Dolby Digital surround audio, and track-by-track commentary by Jones and Gramm, and an audio documentary on the making of the album, as well as a photo gallery and song lyrics.


IRON MAIDEN got everyone in the state of shock on the January 19, having invited Jimmy Page to the stage of "Rock in Rio" festival to present him with a Fender guitar signed by all of IRON MAIDEN, which will be auctioned for charity. Proceeds are to be donated to the homeless shelter Casa Jimmy, which Page and his Brazilian wife Ximena run for homeless kids and teens.

Bruce Dickinson said on the occasion: "We are giving you just what you don't need Jimmy, another guitar!" Page added: "This is a very special occasion for me. It's great to be able to help other people in the world."


THE HENSLEY-LAWTON BAND have signed a worldwide recording deal with Eagle Records to release the CD "The Return" recorded live while Heepvention 2000 in the first week of April.

The upcoming UK tour will be sponsored by Total Rock Radio. A 30-minute live webcast with the band on the radio is scheduled for the end of March. The band are going to play the Sweden Rock Festival in Solvesborg on June 8th and the German Rock Festival Rock Im Bad, Luneburg/Uelzen on the very next day. Two more dates are confirmed for April 19th and 20th in Zoetermeer and Middenmeer, Holland.

Ken Hensley at the moment is in the studio recording the songs for his new solo album "Running Blind".

January 23, 2001


January 30 is the release date for Perris Records' "Aerosmithsonian: AEROSMITH Tribute" that seems to be no less interesting than "Not The Same Old Song & Dance" as involved are Carmine Appice, Jason McMaster and Steve Fister playing on all the tracks. Guitar solos on the album provided by Gilby Clarke (GUNS N' ROSES), Keri Kelli (SLASH'S SNAKEPIT/RATT), Marc Ferrari (KEEL) and Jamie Scott (VAIN).

The double CD set features the following tracks and singers:

"Sweet Emotion" - Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent)
"Last Child" - Jason McMaster (DANGEROUS TOYS)
"Back In The Saddle" - Ron Keel (KEEL)
"Mama Kin" - Derek St. Holmes
"Train Kept A Rollin'" - Derek Davis (BABYLON A.D.)
"Lord Of The Thighs" - Ron Taylor (LILLIAN AXE)
"Rock In A Hard Place" - Paul Shortino (QUIET RIOT/ROUGH CUTT) featuring Jimmy Crespo (ex-AEROSMITH)
"S.O.S." - Davy Vain (VAIN)
"Get The Lead Out" - Jason McMaster
"Walk This Way" - Derek St. Holmes, Jason Mc Master, Ron Keel, Derek Davis and Ron Taylor.


In order to introduce a new generation of fans to their music MARILLION set off to play seven 45-minute "Marillion Starter Courses" at UK universities. The perfomances are aimed at students and will be held in small venues on campus, but the band have arranged some tickets for each show to be available to non-students through Racket Records.


There are hints on the URIAH HEEP tribute album in the works as it's reported that Lana Lane has recorded a version of "Weep in Silence". Lana's version features Neil Citron on guitar, Erik Norlander on piano, Hammond and bass, and Nick D'Virgilio (SPOCK'S BEARD) on drums. The track was recorded at Steve Vai's studio in Hollywood.


The official site for CYBERNAUTS is up and running at www.cybernautsruleok.com.

CYBERNAUTS are DEF LEPPARDS' Joe Elliott and Phil Collen plus SPIDERS FROM MARS - Trevor Bolder, Woody Woodmansey and Dick Decent. The band play David Bowie songs from the early Seventies, such as "Changes", "Cracked Actor", "Jean Genie", "The Man Who SOld The World", "Ziggy Stardust" and "Suffragette City". They just returned from the successful tour in Japan and it's only there where the 18-track CD "Cybernauts Live" is currently available. The album will be released to the rest of the world in May supplied with eight bonus studio tracks and will be sold only through the site.


Receiver Records reports that they will be releasing a FLEETWOOD MAC album entitled "Showbiz Blues" this April. This is to be the sequel to "The Vaudeville Years" album with sleeve notes by Jet Martin Celmins. Expect another loads of unreleased material approved for release by the original band members.


Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions inform that the "Alligator" album from NIGHT RANGER guitarist Brad Gillis will have a full European release on February 19. The album differs from the Japanese as here are two new tracks to be included written and sung by ex-NIGHT RANGER member Gary Moon, "Still" and "Bigger Than Life".

The trackslisting is as such: "Alligator", "Bigger Than Life", "Heart-Shaped Wings", "Survive", "Circle Of Light", "Eyes", "Chain Gang", "Still", "Tanbark Tyrant" and "Leap Of Faith". Gary Moon sings seven tracks, leaving vocal duties to Brad only on "Chain Gang" and "Survive". Also appearing is Gillis' bandmate, Kelly Keagy on drums on "Alligator" and "Eyes".


Record Heaven report of their new releases to hit the shelves soon.

The first is "The Spirit Of The Black Rose. A Tribute To Philip Parris Lynott" that's finally got out to print with finalised artwork and tracklisting. So the perfomers and songs are:


Philomena Lynott - "Dublin"/Spoken
CELTIC LEGACY - "Glenn Corr (The Spirit Of The Vagabond)
LOTUS - "Gonna Creep Up On You"
LOADED DICE - "It's Only Money"
Randy Bachman - "The Boys Are Back In Town"
Carl Dixon - "Romeo And The Lonely Girl"
MOTHERLODE - "Killer Without A Cause"
TEN JINN - "Angel Of Death"
DOGFACE - "Suicide"
Ian Osbourne & THE VOODOO HOUNDS - "Fighting My Way Back"
Robin George - "King's Call"
Damon Johnson - "Borderline"
TRIBE OF GYPSIES - "Parisienne Walkways"
PRIMAL FEAR - "Out In The Fields" (bonus track)
THIN AZ LIZZY - "Little Darling"


Roddy Cleere - "A Song For While I'm Away"
Robin George - "Crying Diamonds"
NITZINGER - "Cowboy Song"
DEMON - "Emerald"
KURGAN'S BANE - "Opium Trail"
Ken Hensley - "Dear Lord"
FATT ELIZABETH - "Freedom Song"
Doc Holliday - "Jailbreak"
BIGELF - "Bad Reputation"
HOBBIT - "Fools Gold"
THIN LIPSTICK - "Do Anything You Want To"
CELTIC LEGACY - "Vagabonds Of The Western World"
Vick LeCar's BLUE MOON - "Thunder & Lightning"
PARRIS - "Baby Please Don't Go"
SINNER - "The Sun Goes Down"
THIN AZ LIZZY - "Ode To A Black Man"

The second release is Vick LeCar's "Blue Moon" album. Involved are BLUE OYSTER CULT bass player Danny Miranda, ex-RAINBOW keyboard player Paul Morris, Gordon Gebert who played with Ace Frehley, Ed Terry who sung for Slash & Pat Thrall and Michael Sciotto who also played with Ace Frehley.

January 18, 2001


KISS' Gene Simmons will be the host of a one-hour documentary for Court TV that focuses on how crime has influenced the direction and attitude of popular music over the years. The program "The Secret History of Rock'n'Roll" is to be premiered on the cable channel on June 11 and will include background on such music casualties as Dennis Wilson of THE BEACH BOYS and Brian Jones of THE ROLLING STONES. The show's producers promise 60 minutes of new interviews, rare photos, and exclusive archival footage.


Joe Lynn Turner confirms his re-union with Glenn Hughes to record a CD together. Both ex-PURPLE men consider the project a priority and, eager to fulfil it, they push the "pause" key for their solo albums. The project still untitled will be the artists' first joint studio work since aborted early 90's sessions.

In February Turner sets off to Los Angeles to begin writing session. Japanese guitarist Akira Kajiyama, who played in late 2000 in Japan with Joe and Glenn, is likely to be invited to join the veterans.


Jason Newsted is leaving METALLICA after 14 years with the group.

"Due to private and personal reasons, and the physical damage that I have done to myself over the years while playing the music that I love, I must step away from the band," said Newsted in a statement released. "This is the most difficult decision of my life, made in the best interest of my family, myself, and the continued growth of METALLICA. I extend my love, thanks, and best wishes to my brothers: James, Lars, and Kirk, and the rest of the METALLICA family, friends, and fans whom have made these years so unforgettable."

Whether the bass man decision was prompted by Napster scandal remains undisclosed.


Tim Donahue is already working on his next project - after "Into The Light" album. "Farewell To The Sun" will be an hour-long concept album that will be recorded this summer. One question: who's the singer now, after Paul Rodgers and Kelly Hansen?

January 16, 2001


NWOBHM stalwarts TYGERS OF PAN TANG have re-united and signed with Z Records. Guitar duties will be fulfilled by Rob Weir, drums to be played by Brian Dick, new member Gav Gray picks up the bass. John Sykes has agreed to make an appearance on the forthcoming album. At this point John Devrill has been approached, too, and the band waits for his reply.


John Wetton has signed to Giant Electic Pea label which released earlier John's "Nomansland" album. GEP will be releasing Wetton's new studio album "Sinister" in Europe on February 26th. Japanese version of the album is titled "Welcome To Heaven" and it was reported that European release would be called "Welcome To Hell". It seems, John changed his mind and returned to the working title.

A limited stock of the album is now available by mail order and at Wetton's forthcoming gigs in Europe, on one of which he's to be joined by Claire Hamill for the first time since John's stint in WISHBONE ASH. Wetton will be touring Europe in January and the band for all these shows will consist of John, Martin Orford (IQ/JADIS), Steve Christey (JADIS) and John Mitchell (ARENA).


Carmine Appice is recording two of his old hits; "Lady" from BECK, BOGERT and APPICE and "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy", the hit he co-wrote with Rod Stewart. Carmine has a heavy rock version of "Sexy" that he will record with Tony Franklin on bass and Steve Fister (Lita Ford, STEPPENWOLF) on guitar. These songs are part of a Warner Publications' Carmine instructional book "Anthology" which will contain three of Carmine's books plus old photos and press clippings. The songs will be used to give the student an option to listen to the song with drums or play along, in a second version of the song, with no drums.

The second project is updating Carmine's book bestseller "Realistic Rock", the #1 selling Drum Book for Warners Publications. Carmine is adding 20 new pages including some play along songs from "Guitar Zeus" CDs. A brand new "Realistic Rock Kids" has been written for young rockers to be played and explained on a CD that comes with the book.

January 10, 2001


FLEETWOOD MAC made a suprise appearance at a staff farewell party for Bill Clinton at the White House on January 6. Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, and Lindsey Buckingham performed; Christine McVie did not attend. The band played Clinton's campaign theme song "Don't Stop" and a full set of songs for the first family and guests.

Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, and Peter Green recently re-grouped to record a track entitled "Yo Yo Man" written by Tony Joe White for an upcoming album from John Mayall. The album, "Along For The Ride," is to be released by Eagle on March 26th.


GNIDROLOG put out "Live at Molly Malones" album on February 1. The CD will be available exclusively from the band's site and at live gigs only. Colin and Stewart Goldring are to donate 1 a copy to Amnesty International.

The live recording features rock'n'roll classics: "Route 66", "Summertime Blues", "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", "C Ryder", "I Saw Her Standing There", Shakin' All Over", "Roll Over Beethoven", "Gimme Some Lovin'", "Midnight Hour", "Knock On Wood", "Lucille", "Johnny B. Goode", "Rock Around The Clock". There are 3 studio tracks as well: "Baby I Want You", "Major Clive" and "House Of The Rising Sun".

The line up is Colin, Stewart, Sam Goldring - drums, Martin Coogan - bass and Martin Croxford - keyboards.

A follow-up to "Gnosis" album is in works too but still no details available.

January 7, 2001


IRON MAIDEN have earned their second "Grammy" Award nomination for the "The Wicker Man," the opening track on 2000's hit album "Brave New World", which is up for the Best Metal Performance award. Their previous nomination was in 1994 for the live version of "Fear Of The Dark" on "A Real Live One" album.

"We've never followed trends, but we've definitely tried to set them in the metal world. IRON MAIDEN is out to prove what real heavy metal is all about and that songwriting ability, instrumental ability and singing ability are important," said singer Bruce Dickinson. "I suppose it's nice and flattering to be nominated for a "Grammy" because that means at least some people in the music industry recognize the quality of your music, but in the end it's not really that important. In our book it has always been what the fans think that counts."


On the verge of his legendary "All Things Must Pass" album ex-Beatle George Harrison set up a web site of his own at www.allthingsmustpass.com. The site is astonishing, leaving the BEATLES' one far behind.

The double-CD set is to be released on January 23.

January 4, 2001


Paul McCartney's "Liverpool Sound Collage" was nominated for a "Grammy" in the "Best Alternative Music" category today. Others nominated in this category include RADIOHEAD, Beck, THE CURE and Fiona Apple.

"Gimme Some Truth - The Making of John Lennon's Imagine Album" was also nominated, for "Best Long Form Music Video".

The Awards will be held at Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 21 and will be broadcast on the CBS Television Network from 8-11 PM.

January 3, 2001


John Sloman, a great warbler who had his share of fortune singing for URIAH HEEP and Gary Moore among other projects, from now on has a website of his own at www.johnsloman.com. The news seems to be a good sign of new projects to come.


It has been confirmed that a new VAN HALEN album with David Lee Roth will be released on Tuesday, March 17th. The album will contain 13 tracks and a single is to be released on February 2nd.


An array of masters including Marty Friedman, Mark Boals, Doug Aldrich, Tony Franklin, Kelly Keeling, Paul Shortino, Alex Masi, PHANTOM BLUE, Neil Zaza and SYMPHONY X will take part in the "Warmth In The Wilderness" tribute album dedicated to guitarist Jason Becker interpreting his work with David Lee Roth, CACOPHONY and solo efforts. Becker was diagnosed with ALS in 1989.

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