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Who's DME

Well, yes, every visitor has the right to know what's DME.

DME is for Dmitry M. Epstein.

I was born in the muddy water... No! I was born under a bad sign... Not at all. I was born in the crossfire hurricane... OK, let's stop this rock rattling and get to the core.

I am a professional rock journalist and get me deep in this business in 1992. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to be "in" the thing, working with musicians not only as a writer but also as manager, co-producer and lyricist. It was way back in Belorussia where I was born.

But I approached journalism from scientific point of view, too - I received my MA for the work titled "Rock music and Journalism: Information, Aesthetic, Psychological Aspects of Perception". I say it not to show off but to tell that I try to criticise professionally, not off the head.

Every day brings new surprises so I felt obliged to broaden the boundaries of my work beyond the papers I write to (now I live'n'work in Israel) and get online to make people aware of the "smart" music - as it was called by one of the site's visitors. I go for this kind of art - and maybe that's the reason for the reviews not having very low points.

Thus this site is a "solo work", being designed and created by myself. It's permanently in development, so feel free to let me know your thoughts and opinions - here or simply send message to dmitry@epstein.to.

And, of course, this is the place to say a loud "Thank You" to all the artistes without whom this site wouldn't be there, who found the times for taking the interviews duties, sending their music in and, above all, making MUSIC - THANX, GUYS!

GUITARS.RU interviews DME


This section is a collection of off-site links to a littlest part of my articles published in the papers - only in Russian, sorry.

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The Books

Usually, there are some additional projects going on in my life, and one of them is translating classic lyrics into Russian. Now, in Moscow, awaiting the release date are some more volumes on fave bands. And the ongoing "THE DOORS Archives" project, of which two volumes are already out.

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